• Remove Unwanted Feet Tattoos
    A decision you make in your youth can affect how you dress in the future. If you want to wear open shoes at work for example, we can work to make remove that unwanted foot tattoo.
  • New Life, New You
    Maybe you've made some life changes and tattoo's no longer fit in? That's what we're here for - we can subtly and professionally remove unwanted memories from your past with our tattoo removal services.
  • Wedding Day Perfection
    Many brides regret youthful tattoos on their back when it comes to choosing their wedding dresses - start planning early and we can work at removing them in time for the photos on the big day.

Popular Reasons to Remove Tattoos

The huge increase in tattoos, is being quickly followed by the increase in regrets - and with it the popularity of tattoo removal.  The days of  tattoo's being permanent are long gone, and its actually more affordable to remove them than you might think.  Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  1. Changed your mind about tattoos?

    Tattoos used to be a sign of individuality and uniqueness, but with an estimated 30 million people in the World with one, thats not longer really the case.  Maybe your tattoo was a snapshot of a moment in time that you’ve moved on from?  Or maybe on reflection it just doesn’t suit you anymore?  Give us a call and we can discuss how to remove it.

  2. Your tattoo no longer suits the person you’ve become?

    It’s not uncommon to get a tattoo when you’re young and carefree, often to fit in with a style of music, or lifestyle that you’re very much a part of.  But often these things change as you get older, and theres a good chance it no longer sits the person you’ve become?  It’s not a problem, we can work with you to help you move on with your life without having to cover over unwanted tattoos.

  3. Does your tattoo affect your career?

    Some professions have strict guidelines for dress, and often a tattoo on show in the wrong place can result in judgement or prejudice, and even affect you getting employed at all in some cases.   Whilst the stigma around tattoos has changed dramatically through generations, it is still evident in some industries – so if you’re experiencing this, maybe it’s time to look at removing them?

  4. Are you worried about how it will look in the future?

    As we get older, parts of the body can get smaller, larger, and even wrinklier!  Tattoos that looked great in our youth can quickly look unsightly and dated.  We can work with you to remove it before it gets to that stage and provide you peace of mind as you grow old tastefully.

  5. Do you want to fade a tattoo for reworking?

    One of the most popular reasons for laser removal is to cover up previous old or poor quality tattoos.  A Lot of our work involves fading and toning down pieces of work that are ready to be reworked in some way.   Often a tattoo can be creatively covered, but if it can’t then we can work with you, and even your future tattoo artist, to prep you ready to get your new work done quickly and easily.